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Cesena is situated in Northern Italy within Emilia-Romagna Region, some 15kms from the Adriatic coast. Together with Forlì it is the capital of the Forlì-Cesena district. Cesena itself has a population of about 96.758 (2015).
Cesena has a population of about 96.580 (2016).
Cesena is a vibrant city that each year attracts thousand tourists that come to visit the historical center. The city centre has umbro-etruscan origins and knew a moment of prosperity at the times of the Malatesta family (1378-1465), who gave to the town centre the present shape, the Malatestiana Library, currently included on the list of UNESCO Memory of the World, and the superb Malatesta Fortress. The economy of Cesena has been always linked to agriculture and has today a great propension to innovation, while the well-known gastronomy is a trademark of this part of Romagna. The promotion of wellness as lifestyle is indeed one increasing distinctive characteristics of the city. The Municipality’s sport policy points on making sport an opportunity for all, intended as a health tool, integration, education and respect. Cesena was European City of Sport in year 2014.

Specific tasks of the organization within the project:

The Municipality of Cesena takes part to all the phases of the project. In detail, it participates to the Study “Physical fitness and cognitive performance of aged population – planned competition as additional motivation for active lifestyle”, with the selection of no. 75 participants, and the involvement of them in regular assessments of psico-physical performances; 25 of them will constitute the Experimental Group and will be involved in a physical activity intervention plan, through training sessions aimed at participating at the intergenerational competitions, which will take place in September/October 2018 and 2019.

The Municipality of Cesena will be the WP Leader in WP 5 “Collection of best practices and development of the guide”. This phase will be dedicated to deepen the knowledge on the methodologies on how to motivate senior citizens to healthy lifestyles. The activities will range from the collection of best practices, to the analysis of practical tools to arise people motivation to practice sport, and tools that cities use in taking initiatives in this sense. The WP will result in the realization of the “Guidelines” about “Motivation to sport and healthy lifestyles for senior citizens as leverage for active ageing and a higher quality of life”, which will be presented and disseminated through the transnational Multiplier Sport Events, in Cesena in September 2019.

Finally the project’s findings and the results of the Study will be presented to the public and stakeholders in a national Seminar to be organized by the Municipality of Cesena in a final phase (October 2020).


Valeria Rossi

Project Officer

Federica Cuni

Sports teacher


Servizio Pianificazione Strategica, Progetti Integrati Comunali,Nazionali ed Europei
Piazza del Popolo 10 - Cesena 47521
tel: +39 0547 356898